Awesome Prayers for Your Child Starting Kindergarten

5 Awesome Prayers for Your Kindergartener

Do you have a child starting kindergarten soon? This transition can be an emotional time for both child and mom. Here are five awesome prayers for your Kindergartener!

Starting Kindergarten

Although our daughter turned seventeen this summer, her first week of Kindergarten remains vivid in my memories.  As she turned five years old, we got prepared, bought her school supplies, and school uniforms. She was very much looking forward to going to her new school and I was excited for her. Then, the unexpected happened.

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5 Awesome Prayers For Your Child Starting Kindergarten

My worries

I began to feel anxious! These thoughts whirled around and around in my mind:

  • Has it really been five years since we brought this little bundle of joy home from the hospital?  How could she be old enough for this? 
  • Is she ready? 
  • Am I ready? 
  • Oh my goodness! I will not be there to watch over her in the classroom, on the playground, and when the teacher is not watching!
  • This is scary!

As I recall the first day she was to walk all by herself down that long sidewalk, then down the long hall to her classroom, I remember the lump in my throat.  When I stopped in the car line, I told her I loved her and a stranger opened the car door and welcomed her to school. As I drove out of the parking lot, tears streamed down my face. 

I Need Oxygen!

Starting Kindergarten is a normal, expected life event for four million children in the United States each year, yet my heart was racing and my hands felt numb.  I was dizzy, weak and needed oxygen!

I knew in my heart that the “oxygen” I needed in anxious times like this was God’s very presence – His peace and comfort and assurance that He would answer my prayers to guide, equip and protect her each day. 

Are you feeling anxious?

What about you, mama? How are you feeling about your baby starting Kindergarten? Are you feeling anxious?

Scriptures to pray over your children

Here are some scripture prayers to help you let God replace your worries with his peace and comfort. Pour out your heart to him and let him take your burden.

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Awesome Prayers For Your Child Starting Kindergarten

Five Awesome Prayers for Your Kindergartener

  1. May your favor, Lord, rest on ____. May you help ____ succeed in listening to and obeying his/her teacher(s), in learning, in completing his/her school work and in being a good friend to others. (Ps 90:17)
  2. May ____ be strong and brave. May he/she not be afraid. May he/she not lose hope. May he/she always remember that you, Lord, will be with him/her everywhere he/she goes. (Josh 1:9)
  3. May you, Lord, protect ____. May no harm come near him/her or his/her school campus. May ____ be healthy. May you, Lord, command your angels to take good care of ____ while at school and traveling to and from school. (Ps. 91:10-11)
  4. May you, Jesus, live in ____’s heart because he/she believes in you. May ____ have deep roots and a strong foundation in your love (Eph 3:17)
  5. Lord, may ____ know that how you made him/her is amazing and wonderful. (Ps 139:14)

The Peace of God

Starting Kindergarten can be an emotional time for you and your child, but always remember this verse when you are tempted to be anxious.

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Free Printable!

Download and print 5 AWESOME Prayers for my Kindergartener so you can pray them regularly!

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5 Awesome Prayers for Your Kindergartener


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