My Mom is A Prayin’ Mom

My mom’s prayers make me feel loved

Hi! I’m Alexandra Bryant and my mom is A Prayin’ Mom. 🙂 Knowing that my mom is praying for me on a daily basis makes me feel both happy and loved. Even though we don’t agree on everything and I’m not always the sweetest teenager, I know that my mom is constantly talking to God about me. Even when I don’t always listen and obey as well as I should, she still (maybe especially) prays for me during these times. It helps me remember that she always loves me and wants the best for me despite how I might feel in the moment.

Peace that can only come from God

Sometimes I can feel when my mom has prayed for me. For example, with everything going on concerning the coronavirus, I’ve heard from many people about how they’re feeling restless and alone during this time. In the beginning, I was worried that I would feel the same way, but I’ve actually been very content at home. I still miss seeing my friends, and I sometimes get this unfamiliar desire to go outside and work out (strange), but overall, I feel at peace! I’m not worried about the school events I’m missing even though I’m still a bit sad that some memories will be replaced with different ones once quarantine is over.

Although I’m concerned about the virus and the health of those I love, I don’t feel anxious. I’m not worried about what life will be like once this season has passed. Alternatively, I’ve been really happy in the midst of this global pandemic, and I know that this kind of peace can only come from God.

During this time of waiting to get out of the house and see my friends again, keeping this verse on my desk has been encouraging to me:

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 27:14

Healing from God

Sometimes I can physically see the results of my mom’s prayers. The summer before my sophomore year of high school, I went to a pediatric pulmonologist due to difficulty breathing in P.E. my freshman year. While there, we discovered from an x-ray a spot on my lung. The pulmonologist told us to come back a month later to see if the spot would go away on its own. During this time, my mom set up a private Facebook group of people to pray specifically for me and the spot on my lung. A lot of people were praying for me, and I really did feel their prayers.

That entire month, I rarely even thought about the spot on my lung and just continued life normally. Occasionally, I would think about it, and there would be a glimmer of fear, but it would quickly dissipate. When we went back to the doctor for a follow-up x-ray, the spot was still on my lung, so I had a CT scan done. This was probably the scariest part of the process for me because I had to have an IV and heard a loud machine whirr around me.

Looking back, I’m glad that a test to see if there was anything to be concerned about was the scariest part and not my mind running a million miles an hour thinking about all of the possible outcomes. When we came back to the doctor’s office to see the results of the CT scan, my pulmonologist took my mom and me through each layer of the CT scan multiple times, and the spot was completely gone! In this case, a group of people’s prayers showed physical results that I could see with my own eyes!

Perseverance in Prayer

Just because my mom prays for me doesn’t mean that things will turn around immediately, but I sure am grateful that she has continued to pray for me. When we moved to Iowa, I spent a lot of time focusing on everything I felt had gone wrong and had left behind in my hometown. Making lists like this in my thoughts led me to a negative mindset.

Eventually, I began to search for how God was using this different time of my life for his glory. but this did take me a few years. It took time for me to grow thankful for the move to Iowa and to process and let go of the past. I was so caught up in what could’ve been and what I felt should’ve been, that I refused to move forward.

I learned that it is important to look for opportunities of how God can use me rather than focus on everything I believe has gone wrong. I’m thankful that my mom continued to pray for me during this time.

Moms in Prayer

My mom has been praying for me in Moms In Prayer since I was in kindergarten. Knowing my mom is praying for me with other moms has prompted me to look for how God is working in my life. It’s also given me peace in situations I would usually be anxious in because I know many people are praying for God’s will to be done.

I’ve learned that praying with others can help you to see how God is working through other people’s lives. It keeps you accountable to keep praying and to continue trusting in God.

Whenever I meet a Moms In Prayer mom for the first time who has been praying for me, I feel very loved and cared for from just being around her. Earlier this school year, my Bible teacher at school said, “I never felt better about who I am and about myself than when I know I’m loved.” This quote resonated with me because I realized this is true of myself, too. When he said this, I immediately thought of those who have been praying for me, specifically the moms in Moms In Prayer. Thank you for praying for me!!

“If you are not praying for your children,

who is?”

– Fern Nichols, founder,
Moms in Prayer International

The power of a praying mom

Something else my Bible teacher said earlier this year is, “Prayer takes you to the throne of God.” I believe this is true because I have experienced radical change- both internally and externally- in my life through the power of a praying mom. God hears the prayers of a mother. God hears your prayers! He’s thinking of you. Whatever is weighing on your heart, it’s important to lay it down because God is the one in control, and He has a plan. His plan may not be what we expected, but it is there, and it is good.

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8 thoughts on “My Mom is A Prayin’ Mom”

  1. Oh! What a blessing to read your words this morning! We have 3 new grand babies born or being born this year! I am sharing your wonderful testimony with my whole family❤️ We ALL need to understand the POWER of our prayers and you illuminated that in your writing.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you, and please….keep sharing😊

  2. Nancy Den Hartog

    Great job Alexandra! Thanks for sharing from your heart and for reiterating the power that prayer has in our daily lives. You are indeed blessed to have a mother that dearly loves you and consistently prays over you. We are so grateful you all moved to Iowa!

  3. Today is a rainy, dreary day in Iowa. I just took my morning walk, and I am soaked and cold. Reading these words warmed my heart. How wonderful it is to see the power of life long prayer in a young woman’s life. It is very mature to recognize God’s hand through it all. I know He will continue to bless you with His peace, comfort, and direction. I also know your mom will continue to pray for you – always. Thanks for sharing your prayer journey so we can learn from you.

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