Resources for Spiritual Growth to Beat Mom Anxiety

Are you a mom who is experiencing anxiety and fear for your children? Does worry interfere with you getting to or staying asleep at night? Would you like to replace your Mom worry and anxiety with God’s peace and joy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have been in your shoes and would like to offer awesome resources to help you in your spiritual growth to beat mom anxiety. Indeed, you truly can have hope and overflow with confidence in God’s promises for comfort, peace and joy!

First Steps

A common hindrance to having peace and joy as a Mom is that we get distracted with our problems and that can leave us feeling defeated and exhausted. Deciding to grow spiritually and taking these first steps will help to get our eyes off our problems and put our focus on our all-powerful God. As a result, we will come to know God personally, we will know the Bible, know God’s character and God’s promises and we will know how to pray.

How to Know God Personally

If you have not taken this step, knowing God personally and having peace with him is the most important first step to peace and joy in our lives. The beginning of this spiritual journey is exciting and adventurous. The blinders that were previously on your spiritual “eyes” are removed and God’s love and truth is revealed to you.

How to Know the Bible, God’s character and God’s promises

Get involved in a Bible Teaching Church

In addition to knowing God personally, it is important to know and grow in relationships with His people. If you do not attend and fellowship in a Bible-teaching church, this is a crucial next step for you. As a result, your faith will grow as you hear teaching from God’s Word. Furthermore, you will grow in how to live your christian faith by serving and fellowshipping with other believers in a church. There is no perfect church because we are all imperfect human beings. However, the very best friends and mentors can be found in your local Bible-teaching church.

Read and Study the Bible

Equally important in growing spiritually is to cultivate your relationship with God by spending time in His word, the Bible. As we learn more about him and know him more deeply, our love for him grows and our conversations with him become more intimate, fulfilling and powerful. Most likely your church offers some Bible study classes to teach the basics and to go deeper with God. In addition to your church, there are great non-denominational Bible Studies available in many communities such as Bible Study Fellowship and Precepts if you want to dig in deeper.

Having a good Bible is essential in this step as well. Your pastor may have suggestions for you and I will share some my favorites.

My Favorite Reference Bible

One particular Reference Bible has been very helpful to me in studying the Bible. I have enjoyed my Thompson Chain Bible over the years and found it beneficial to use alone and with other Bible studies. It provides notes in the margins which refer you to other scriptures on topics and a wonderful comprehensive index in the back as well as additional Bible study helps.

My Favorite Bible Versions

The versions of the Bible I use most often are those which seek to examine the original Greek or Hebrew word, then translate that word into English as literally as possible. Readability and comprehension is important, too, so it is always a good idea to compare passages between versions. A website or app such as can be helpful for this before making a purchase. Some examples of great translations are: New King James Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard Version and Christian Standard Bible.

My Favorite Daily Reading Bible

To think of reading through the Bible in one year may feel overwhelming. However, please do not be intimidated! When you are first beginning, you might want to transition more slowly into reading. For instance, you might decide to read through the Bible in two years instead of one. Perhaps you would rather only read through Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament the first year. In short, whichever system or plan you choose, I highly recommend that you read directly from God’s word daily.

Reading through the Bible from cover to cover in a systematic consistent manner has been a commitment I have made each year for awhile. I have used different “Read through the Bible in a year” reading plans. However, I found that I follow-through best on this commitment when I use the One Year Bible. This Bible is divided into readings for each day of the year.

Some of the One Year Bibles have passages from the Old Testament and New Testament to read each day.

Another One Year Bible that I particularly like is the Chronological Bible divided into daily readings. This one is arranged in the order the events actually occurred. In my internet search, I’m excited to have found a Day by Day Chronological Bible in the newer Christian Standard Bible, which is a version known for its accuracy and readability. So, this one is going on my wish list for Christmas! 🙂

Best Resources for Spiritual Growth to beat Mom Anxiety

Know How To Pray

Meanwhile, as we grow in our relationship with God, learning to pray may be exciting and awkward all at the same time. However, be assured that our Heavenly Father loves you and wants to hear your heart. If you need assistance with knowing where to begin, please read my previous post, “A Beginner’s Guide to Amazing Appointments with God.”

In addition to looking up Bible Verses about prayer, further reading about prayer is a great way to learn and develop. Two books on prayer that I highly recommend are Unshaken by Sally Burke and Cyndie Claypool De Neve, and Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.

Unshaken explains important principles of prayer and will ignite your passion with testimonies of God’s faithfulness to answer prayer.

Fervent will encourage you to be alert to spiritual warfare and how to overcome through it.

Also, I highly recommend the movie, War Room! This movie will definitely inspire you to pray!

Awesome Resources for Spiritual Growth to Beat Mom Anxiety


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I have mentioned a number of suggestions for action steps and suggestions for types of Bibles and books. These first steps have personally helped me to cultivate my spiritual growth, which has brought peace and joy in my life. As a result, I am more equipped to beat Mom anxiety.

These first steps for spiritual growth are vital for your self-care to be the mom you want to be and your family deserves. I am super excited to share links to the Bibles, books and resources I have found helpful.

My Favorite Reference Bible in a few of my Favorite Versions

My Favorite Daily Reading Bible

Day by Day Chronological Bible, CSB
(This one looks great and
is on my wish list!)

A Few of my Favorite Resources about Prayer

War Room Movie

Common Questions

  • I want to know God personally but I still have questions about Christianity. Here are some great resources for new and mature believers as well as those who are seeking and not sure.
Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know
  • What if I am doing all these things and still struggle with Mom worry and anxiety? Moms in Prayer International gathers moms to pray for their kids and schools for one hour each week. I have been involved with this ministry as a group leader for over ten years and have had the privilege of seeing lives changed, not only in myself and my family, but also in other moms and their families. I encourage you to find a group near you by visiting Besides that, if you suffer from anxiety and want help discerning your best next steps, I recommend that you find and make an appointment with a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a Christian.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Spiritual Growth to Beat Mom Anxiety

Above all, remember that no anxiety, worry or fear is too great for our all-powerful God. Embracing spiritual growth, you can equip yourself to beat Mom anxiety! Lean in to Him through knowing Him personally, knowing his Word, his character, his promises, his people and prayer because He loves you fiercely and is fighting for you.

Friend, I would love to hear from you! Please share what actions and/or resources have helped you grow spiritually.

Resources for Spiritual Growth

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